Thursday, 17 March 2011

St. Patrick’s 5K

Rest Day


  1. Griff
    So this was the WOD I was doing two years ago when I broke my heel. Happy to report no broken bones and I took my sweet time.

  2. 30 DU
    15 ground to overhead
    10 minute AMRAP

    4 rds plus 24 DU
    Learned some things. Will try to break 5 rds in next day or two.

  3. Rhonda G says

    15:43 RX

    Michel, thanks for doing another couple of rounds with me! It was fun. Do we have a plan for 2012?

  4. 19:49 RX PLUS…I get plus as its age before beauty and I did this WOD twice. Rhonda ran circles around me and made the Board. Great work! And yes, Masters Women 2012, I can see it.

  5. I opted for a nice bike ride in the afternoon ~ 24 miles on a hilly route with wind!

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