Monday, 07 March 2011


25 Pull-ups

50 Double Unders

75 Sit-ups

100 Walking Lunges

75 Sit-ups

50 Burpees

25 Pull-ups

For Time

Post time to comments

Compare to 03 SEP 10


  1. christine says

    17:34 (i think)
    single jump ropes
    good work out!

    March 7, 2011 6:53 AM

  2. 20:24

    1.5" banded PLU (20 unbroken…yeah for the grips)
    150 singles unbroken (yeah…I've got my flailing elbows in check)

    make it a great day!

  3. MP Jimmy says

    13:14 Rx
    Love Biz! Slower than previous "PR", but I used anchored abmat su's. This is my new PR.

  4. MP Jimmy says

    Your time was 17:26.

  5. Michel says

    20:26 w. MODS:
    1" PLU – unbroken
    September was 24:36 with 1 1/2" band.

  6. 17:26 RX. Enjoyed working out with the 7:30ers.

  7. 18:04 mod
    rowed 25 cal instead of plu
    75 box jumps (20")instead of burpees

  8. 16:17 2 min PR!! 😀 I think the paleo is working!!
    Fun having Danny wod with us!!

  9. Robert says

    14:32 Rx–good news is faster than my last one–should be my PR as previous PR also anchored ABMAT

  10. Rhonda G says

    17:02 RX

    First BIZ RX. I didn't think I could do this RX but I did..lesson here..just do it!!!

    So fun to work out with the 5:30 pm'ers..especially my Proton Lou!

  11. 18:42 rx, Rhonda ran circle around me. Great Job tonight Lou, Rhonda, Joe, Carmen, and Lesley.

  12. Vernice says

    24:24 I think..Jimmy, do you remember?

  13. Carmen says

    26:11 first 20 plu 1 inch then added thong, first 75 su unachored, 2nd set anchored.
    singles x 3 instead of du.

    glad that's OVER!!!

    performed the "Lou" too! :o)

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