Wednesday, 02 March 2011


1000m Row
100 Sledge Swings (10/8)
75 Push-ups
50 Kettlebell Swings (1 pood)
25 Pull-ups
…now reverse it!

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Compare to 17 MAY 10


  1. Michel says

    46:17 – 1" Band/Knee PU/1 pood KBS
    Last time was 45:31
    Run 800 and Row 1000
    Knee PU/1 1/2" PLU /25 lb KBS
    PR tucked in there somewhere. Great work everyone and huge congrats to Danny!

  2. 36:20

    1000m row
    KBS 1pood 1st 50; 30# 2nd 50
    Knee PU
    banded PLU 1.5 for 1st 30; then 2"

    last time I ran and rowed at 36:02, 25#KBS…too many mods to really compare

    I do like the gymnastic grips for rowing and PLUs. Today was my 1st day to use them.

  3. did a 5k row. Shoulder still sore. 21:52 Stacy, you are still #1 by 3 seconds!! I think it's funny that my 5k row is like 10 min faster than my 5k run.

  4. Robert says

    34:44–using the 8 lbs sledge by mistake but for the record I used the heavier 8 pound sledge. Oh well…one day I will do this Rx but not today. Great work to all. Jamie get well soon so I can try to beat your time.

  5. 43:17 rx that was TOUGH! I do like sledge swings tho 😉
    yo soy consada!!!

  6. Chrissi Lynn Designs says

    46:48 MOD

    Knee PU/25lb Weight for KBS/2 1/2" band PU.

    First time for this WOD…I'm beat! Great workout!

  7. Rhonda G says

    39:13 MOD
    Thong PLU, 35 lb KB for first round, 30 lb for second (which I almost tipped over likey the 30#er)
    Knee PU
    Ugh…I'm beat!!

  8. 1.5" Banded PLU and 30# KB
    20 RX Push-ups, then got smart and modified.
    Rhonda, I too am beat. REST DAY TOMORROW!

  9. 44:36 rx sweatfest

  10. Stacy J says

    multiple bands for plu's
    russian 2 arm KBS
    my shoulder is getting better every day!!

  11. Stacy J says

    oh by the way it was great to have Lou back with us at 5:30… girls can only go so long without our Proton Lou!

  12. Brandy says

    1.5" Plu
    Knee PU
    30 lb kbs

    Agh soo tired man. Having post WOD sushi now!!

  13. MP Jimmy says

    29:27 Rx
    13 sec PR!

    Riddick is a tough WOD, but I like it! I know, sick in the head. 🙂 Great job am'ers in working through the multiple waves for starting.

    For the next couple of Thursday's, which will still be posted as rest days; I will be doing "Skill Workshops". In those, I will pick a few lifts, skills, movements, etc. that tend to be form dependent for optimal execution.

  14. Angela says

    Knee PU
    1.5" PLU

    WOWZA, that was definitely tough! Great welcome back after taking 2 days off, thanks Jimmy! So fun being back though.

  15. Vernice says

    Just not as quick as I had hoped for.
    1 in band for PLU
    Knee PU
    30 lb KBS
    8lb Sledge swings… I used the heavier 8 lb sledge hammer.
    The PU are what slowed me down this morning.
    Good work everyone.

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