Friday, 25 Feburary 2011

“Fight Gone Bad”

Row (calories)
Wall-ball Shots (20/12) @ 10ft
Sumo-Deadlift High-pull (75/50)
Box Jumps (20″)
Push Press (75/50)

3 rounds for score*

Post score to comments

Compare to 10 SEP 10

*Complete on minute at each location (5 minutes total per round). Rest one minute after each round. Repeat process two more times, a total of 17 minutes from “Go” to “Stop”. Score is calculated by counting reps at each station, calories on rower; and then adding together all three rounds.


  1. 226 (8/50/14/50)

    lighter but faster on the WBS today (8#)
    increased 40 points since last September.

  2. 275 RX
    Way to go Chris! I can't believe I saw in person a 322 on FGB. Amazing. Way to channel your "inner Haug."

  3. 175 Modified
    17" Box Jumps
    8 lb WBS
    1 Wall Ball Tantrum

  4. 251
    10 in box jump
    8 lb WB
    22pp 1st round
    50 pp 2nd and 3rd round
    50lb sudl

  5. christine says

    8# wall ball

  6. 271 rx 20 rep pr. Me and Erin are in the 20 rep pr club today!!

  7. 211
    8" WB, 17" Box Jump

  8. 261 rx!! HOLLA! 😀
    20 rep PR!!!
    Jamie ( supergirl) &
    me ( wonder woman) showed what's up 😉 hehe
    I think I found my mojo; bacon 😉 or maybe it's the paleo.

  9. 338 Rx

    I had a great first rd, 135 pts; but I think I rowed to hard, 30 calories. I was spent the rest of the way. Still had a great WOD. Will PR next time. 🙂

    Great work today each of you! Had lots of PR's! Congratz!!!

  10. Chrissi Lynn Designs says

    206 MOD.

    8# WBS
    17" Box Jumps

    Finally feel like my breath is getting better and more under control with each workout.

  11. Sept was 225..
    I was a slacker on the WB.. Sept was a 12 lb ball.
    I need to keep the pace up or step it up!
    (Do you agree?)

  12. 266 rx, been a long time for fight gone bad.

  13. Chris Hauger says

    322 Rx!

    I'm happy with that, but even more happy with the fact that I won my first bet with Jimmy! 😉

    Muscle up by my birthday=no
    40 minutes of weighted boxjumps= super no
    40 boxjumps on FGB= YESSSSS!!!!!! 😀

  14. 206
    17" box
    32 sumo dl
    22 pushpress
    8lb wall ball
    Been sick so I could've done more probably. First time for FGB! I like it!

  15. 269 Rx

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