Thursday, 24 February 2011

Rest Day


  1. Row 500
    Rest 2 minutes
    8 rounds
    2:09 Rd 1 – 20 second PR.

  2. Same workout as Michel
    I'm gassed. Thanks Jimmy for the coaching.

  3. christine says

    Great to row with Michel!
    She really pushed me.
    Great time Coby.
    I appreciated all the great coaching from Jimmy too.
    I think I am gassed or too. I know I was gasped!

  4. Rowed but don't know time bc the timer decided to not work! Boo! Feeling better though from being sick the beginning of the week! Had lots of fun tonight!

  5. Only had time for 5 rounds, 13: something.
    Great time everyone.

  6. rowed but had a display malfunction.

  7. I believe it was 16:46…..I was in the crew that experienced the display malfunction!

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