Friday, 18 Feburary 2011

For Time

Run 600m
30 Back Extensions
30 V-ups*

3 rounds

Post time to comments
*Here is a video on good form V-ups:


  1. Melanie said…

    21:08 Rx

    That was fun! Have a great weekend everyone. Good job!

  2. 25:13 – MODS
    750 M Row
    60 AB BF SU

  3. 19:51 rx OUCH

  4. 15:39 RX
    Good job everybody!

  5. 21:15 RX

    That was hard!! Great week at MP. See y'all Monday 🙂

  6. sub 25:00

    I can't remember my exact time now…24 something. I chose to row instead of run since I'm doing a 15k Saturday morning; everything else was Rx. My V-ups were a little lopsided but I did 'em! I second Rhonda, great week at MPCF!

  7. 14:47 Rx

    Did the first 30 unbroken, but I think that hindered me over the long haul. Form wasn't as good as the guy in video, but close. Legs were straight.

    Man, my shoulders are still sore from the burpees and Wed's WOD.

    Good work all!

  8. 19:25 I agree with Jimmy, my arms are as weak as a kitten right now.

  9. 24:47

    I did SU instead of v ups. Why I don't know. Tailbone is on fire now
    Because of Monday's "love".

  10. Chrissi Lynn Designs says

    25:28 MOD

    Modified on the V-ups. Not too bad for a newbie with asthma. 🙂 Great Workout! Thanks Jimmy!

  11. 14:55 Rx

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