Thursday, 10 February 2011

Rest Day


  1. MP Jimmy says

    At home WOD 6:

    Max Burpees in 10 min
    150 Burpees for time
    (whichever comes first)

    Have fun!

  2. Row 300 m
    25 WB 20 pounds
    20 burpees
    3 rounds
    13:35 Rx
    Chris and I are off to Park City, UT for skiing–see you next week.

  3. Did WOD with ski-bound Robert and Chris;
    Time: 10:48 Rx

    This was an on the spot, collaberated creation of Robert and Chris picking the exercises (burpees were from Chris), and me picking the reps. I think it was a great WOD! Thanks Robert and Chris for letting me WOD with ya!

    Good to also see Susan, "Verynice", and Lisette this am! Hope you at homers are having as much fun as we had! 🙂

  4. Arms are toast after two days of moving furniture so burpees weren't on the blue plate.

    3 Rounds
    100 Squats
    25 ABMAT BF
    Bonus round of 50 OHS/PVC

    Miss seeing everyone!! Park City rocks — have great time!!

  5. If I was going to Park City I would stop by Crossfit Park City and get a t-shirt from my boyfriend and world-class Crossfitter Chris Spealler!!!!

  6. Chris Hauger says

    We are planning on it Stacy. We'll tell him ya said hey!

    Did everything "Rx" but kinda sorta maybe lost track on the burpees… haha. My bad.

  7. Row 300 m
    25 WB 20 pounds
    20 burpees
    3 rounds

    13:58 rx lung burner and t-rex arms

  8. 16:00 rx
    my weak lil lungs didn't like that one ;-P

  9. Row 300m
    25 WB 8lbs one arm
    20 PU
    3 rounds

    12:24 I agree with Amber. Definitely a lung burner!! Good to work out with Danny this evening.

  10. 11:36 RX. Great WOD'n with Erin, Stacy, and Amber! Have fun skiing, Robert and Chris!

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