Monday, 07 February 2011

“Erin’s Request”

For Time

9 Deadlifts (255/170)
15 Kettlebell Swings (2/1.5 pood)
21 Pull-ups
300m Row

3 rounds

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  1. Geee… Thanks Erin. Looking forward to it after a week off!

  2. Well, I tried to get out but got stuck at the top of my street. Luckily I was able to back down without running into a parked car. I guess I'm in for a while. Sure was glad I got out yesterday. Have fun and work had!

  3. Christian says

    1" band PLU
    1 pood

  4. christine says

    1" band
    30 # Russian KB
    95# DL

  5. Since I was homebound I did home WOD 3 in14:58

  6. MP Jimmy says

    14:45 Rx

    I had a brain strain this am. I WOD'd with the 0530; but as I did the last round, I forgot to row. Time then was 13:29. After getting a towel and catching breath, Robert reminded me about rowing! AHHH!!!! I re-started my watch and did the last row. Main clock time was 15:55; but my watch time, which was exercises only, was 14:45. I could have been faster had I not lost my rythem. Maybe next time.

    Great job all those who made it to the gym!

  7. 18:08 1.5 pood KB otherwise Rx. Elbow not ready for 2 pood anything right now.

  8. 17:27 rx. That was a lung and grip killer

  9. Looking forward to MPCrossFit tomorrow!
    186 burpees yesterday- 17:24
    49 burpees today- 3:05

  10. 12:52 mod = 1 pood russian KB and push ups for pull ups. I felt GREAT to come in and work out!

  11. Since I stayed up until 3:30 am doing homework I WOD'ed this evening at home after class. I did:

    30 Jumping SQTs
    30 SUs (unanchored)
    15 HSPUs (knees on couch)
    30 SUs (unanchored)
    30 Jumping SQTs
    Total time 8:35

    Followed by: 5 mins/each, max reps
    PUs: 75 (first 30 unbroken, I think that's a PR)
    SUs: 130 (unbroken)
    SQTs: 105

    Feels good…I'll see you guys in the morning!

  12. 20:42 rx
    lungs were on fire! So were hands!
    But I was sooooooo glad to be there wodin after a week of home wods 😉

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