Monday, 31 January 2010

Max rounds in 8 minutes of:

4 Handstand Push-ups
8 Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1 pood)
12 Abmat Sit-ups (unanchored)

Post number of rounds and extra reps to comments
(WOD courtesy of CrossFit Verve in Denver, CO)


  1. 5 RDS + 3 HSPU's.

    Great job Lesley with the Houston Half Marathon! Way to go! Thank you Susan and Jimmy for fixing and pimping up my weight vest!

  2. Melanie said:

    6 RDS + 1 HSPU
    24" box with toes for HSPU;
    substituted PU's for KB's;
    RX'd PU's for 3 RDS; Knee PU's for 3 RDS

  3. 7 rds yoga block hspu

  4. 5 Rounds
    20" Box Toes
    1 Pood RKBS

  5. 7 rds + 4-24" box + 8-1pood KBS+ 2 SU

  6. 6 rounds
    4 HSPU 20" box
    6 KBS 25 lb

    Mod: 25 lb kbs 20" box HSPU ab mat SU

  7. MP Jimmy says

    8 rds +15 additional reps

    The 8 min setup was interesting. It enabled us to push harder and faster without the thought of pacing.

    See you in the am. I will be there for the 0530 class. Use your best judgement in traveling to gym. Be safe!

  8. 6 rds ( plus two hspu) rx
    Be safe tmrw everyone!! Gonna be an apocalypse storm!! 😉

  9. Unloaded/moved/stacked pallet of wood…for time!
    Approx. 60 minutes in the COLD!

    Thanks to the delivery guy for dropping it on the wrong side of the driveway…I had to move it twice as far.

    Everyone stay safe tomorrow! I'll be wod'n at home for sure.

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