Wednesday, 12 January 2011


21-15-9 rep rounds of:

Handstand Push-ups
Ring Dips

For Time

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Compare to 31 AUG 10


  1. christine says

    55# OHS
    95# DL

    CFE 2015m 10min row

    Happy Birthday Leslie

  2. christine says

    I'm a dork! I posted yesterdays today thinking it would go on yesterdays!? Sorry.
    1/2 band dips
    20"box HSPU toes
    PS I think Jesse was really trying to take down the wall this morning and make it look like an accident. The new mats looked so nice a little more space might be nice too!:)

  3. Rowing at home. Main water pipe burst last night. see you guys tomorrow!

  4. HSPU 20" box dips 2:1 push up knees 15:05

  5. MP Jimmy says

    11:58 RX
    18 sec PR!

    Plus, set new PR for unbroken SQ's, 315! Legs are toast! Thank God again for rest days!!!!!

    Everyone did great on this upper body smash job! 🙂 Sorry for the delay this am 0530's. 🙁 Great job making it work.

  6. Okay, so my place is getting ripped apart from the flooding and the main conversation is about my Buddy Lee jump rope and how I can move furniture without breaking a sweat. MPCF rocks. Hope to make 17:30 to toast my arms completely. Damsel in Distress, out.

  7. 12:50
    Knee HSPU
    Ring Dips .5" Band
    Knee PUs

    Hope I can move my arms tomorrow!

  8. I love this picture. I look like a crazy person and Nancy looks like a model.
    18:36 1" band on dips and 24" box HSPU
    HSPU were not happening against the wall today. Oh yeah, I only managed 150 squats to Jimmy's 315 and Erin's 300. GOod job guys.

  9. 24:20
    toes on 24"
    rx dips and PU 🙂
    300 SQTs!! " THIS is EXHUASTING"!!!
    ( play on dialouge from movie 300 get it?) ;-P
    ps sorry j&j for my um,,, screaming

  10. Ok, the squat gauntlet has been thrown down. I guess we'll have a unbroken SQ battle.

    Jimmy, did you tell Jaime that I did SQ just to break her record???
    So now, Erin, you did 300 unbroken squats.

    today's workout time….idk…about 15.40
    1.5" banded ring dips; 24" HSPU; knee PU

  11. Yes Susan indeed I did 300 unbroken squats ( shoulda got 301 to mess with chris 😉 but my wee legs were donzo!!!

  12. I totally LOVE this pic! Jamie, you are a little crazy sometimes 😉

    So, I'm definitely missing my MPCF family this week. After tweaking my back last Thursday on deadlifts (yay) I've been taking it easy and visiting my chiropractor; however, I believe I'm all healed up and ready to be back!

    BUT the real issue is that one of our very close friends has been fighting cancer for several years and it is coming to an end, we think. There has been several late nights in the emergency room and ICU. Right now, they are focusing on his comfort and fighting the sepsis and pneumonia that settled in after amputating his leg last week.
    I'm a strong believer that there is power in numbers and we would SO appreciate all the thoughts, love, and prayers you can offer directed towards our friend, Chris Gress, and his family. Thank you so much.

  13. Cancer sucks

  14. Chris Hauger says


    And I completely agree with Susan. Let the squat gauntlet begin…
    LET"S GO!!!!!!!

    Erin- SO CLOSE. Phew.

  15. heavily modified
    box jumps (20")
    sit ups
    walking lunges

  16. 23:52 Rx

  17. 19:38 with banded ring dips and 24" box

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