Monday, 10 January 2010


150 Wall-Ball Shots (20/12) @10ft

For Time

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Compare to 29 OCT 10


  1. MP Jimmy says

    Gym will be open come rain, sleet, snow, or shine!

  2. 9:50 Rx–I will re-enroll in the Wallball Rehabilitation Program (WRP). At least I have a good goal to work on going forward. Sub 7 Karen before the end of 2011.

    Great work to all 0530 crew. Missed those who did not show.

  3. man! I hate these. I think I also need enrollment in the WRP. I plan on doing some of these in warm-up.10:36 rx (ugh)

  4. 6:55 RX. PR by 13 seconds. Great job today guys.

  5. You guys are awesome…Karen is not in my close circle of friends…yet. Big time scardy cat to drive down there this morning. WOD at home:
    70 Walking Lunges
    100 Squats
    100 AB BF SU
    50 SP 12 lb bar
    50 SU 10 RX and 40 Knee
    70 Walking Lunges
    Have a great snow day!

  6. Ahem…Make that 50 PU, not SU.

  7. 13.00 for the Rx masters board which means my Rx is easier than your Rx. :-))

    (12#x20; 8#x130 at 10ft)

  8. Rhonda G says

    8:05 MOD
    8# Ball with a little lower target on the column.

    I could barely walk after this WOD!

    Great job to all the 6:30's..

  9. 13:31 with 12# WB. 16# for the first 20, then my aspirations soon diminished.

  10. 9:01 rx

  11. 9:33 w/8 lb ball. On column, not beam. I don't know where this lands me on the masters board. It is all in Jimmy's calculations ?

  12. 9:11 rx 🙂

  13. 18:41 with 8 lb ball and on the beam… For the first time! Apparently I've graduated lol

  14. Week 1 of "I'm back but my shoulder is CRAP"
    50 squats
    bike 0.5 miles
    3 rounds


  15. 15:16, Rx

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