Wednesday, 22 December 2010

For Time

21 Pull-ups
21 Squats
21 Push-ups
21 Walking Lunges
21 Sit-ups (unanchored)
21 Box Jumps

3 rounds

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  1. Stacy says….
    Look at that handsome devil surrounded by all those pretty ladies!

  2. Love the pic! Couldn't ask for better company!
    17 Box Jumps
    1" PLU
    MOD PU
    Great work everyone! Full throttle morning and Carmen, high five on the boxjumps!!

  3. Melanie said…

    21:56/knee pu/17" box jumps

  4. 22:31 17 in box 2 rnds 16 in 1 round, knees and inch plus thong

    I would have been faster buy my zit was weighing me down. :o)

  5. 23:50 mod
    Knee PU
    1.5" PLU
    14" Box jumps

    Great morning 630s, everyone did awesome!!

    (I love the pic, too! I had SO much fun at the party…thanks to all who made it happen and all who came.)

  6. 20.19

    18" box jumps, 2"PLU, kneePU.

  7. 14:54 RX. Great job everybody!

  8. christine says

    18:22 (i think)
    1" PLU
    17" Box jumps

  9. Kudos Carmen for your wieghted WOD…PR to be sure!

  10. 26:04, Knee PUs & 17" Box (Worked on jumping off the box)

    That WOD wore me out. Can't wait for Friday's WOD to do the same!

  11. Exactly Michel! Weighted vests are OVERRATED!! I prefer the more organic weight of the ZIT!!!

  12. 16:19 rx. Wasn't good enough to be faster than Robert today.

  13. 11:37 RX

    Fun WOD. I too, am looking forward to Friday's WOD! 🙂

    Carmen, I prefer the vest. 😉

  14. 4 vitamin C
    3 musinex
    2 dayquils
    1 box of kleenex
    (then reverse it)
    blah great job everyone!
    ( working on a PR breathing thru my mouth since nose dosent work I guess that could be a modification as well ;-P

  15. What's a ZIT?

    Erin, get a snot rocket aka nasal irrigator. Then use it

  16. 17:38 rx

  17. 19:25 thong band

  18. 14:04 Even a blind hog (me) gets an acorn once in a while, Jaime!

  19. christine says

    Helloooo? Where were you 5:30 crossfitters? I am sore too but I was there! None of you showed up. Christian even slept in. It was only Erin and I. Did you forget to tell me? I will be anxious to hear how rested you are while crossing in the morning (8:30 signed up late). 😉 Christine

  20. 26:37 with 17" box and 1.5" band
    Yes Stacy, they are some fine looking ladies.

  21. 19:47

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