Friday, 03 December 2010

Pick one for time:



Double Unders



5 Deadlifts (275/185)
10 Burpees

5 rounds

Post WOD chosen and time to comments
Compare 16 OCT 10 (Annie), 21 SEP 10 (WOD B)


  1. Melanie said…

    6:31/135 lb PR. 42 seconds faster than last time. Thanks, Jimmy, for helping me with my form!!! I will work on keeping my back straight!!! 🙂

  2. Great work Mel!! I did Annie and first time with the new 3:1 singles ratio so its baseline.
    8:34 Singles

    All the WOD B'ers were awesome today!!Channeling Nike, Winged Goddess of Victory, for the White Rock Marathon and team MPCF runners!! Jimmy, Danny, Erin, Amber, Lesley, Carmen, Angela, and anyone I missed – GOOD LUCK!!! You're in good hands with Melanie!!

  3. ANNIE 12:07 3:1 singles PR by 6 minutes!! BRING IT ON WHITE ROCK!!!

  4. 8.32 WOD B

    1st rd @ 165#; rds 2-5 @ 155#

    A few seconds faster and a few pounds heavier.

    Go Team MPCF at the White Rock Marathon!!

  5. Great job everyone on PRs and heavy DL weights!

    6:30, 95 lbs. 40 seconds faster than Sept! Will increase weight next time.

    Good luck to Danny, Jimmy & Erin on their marathon on Sunday!

  6. Soooooooo……. Just gonna vent ( need some cf mojo sent my way 😉
    little nervous ( ok A LOT nervous) thanks for all the well wishes!! I reeeealy hope I FINISH this!! Really need something to feel awesome about hope this is it 🙂 i just keep telling myself :" at least this is not hotel 100".

  7. That could be our rally cry…….."at least this is not hotel 100!" Great job today, ya'll!

  8. Danny: Giddyup!
    Jimmy: Too easy!
    Erin: A little anxiety helps your performance…you can do this!

    All the halvers good luck! Run fast everyone!

    First Rx WOD B:10:46–right behind big Jim! Super job everyone!

  9. "Annie" 9:55 w/ singles

    Nice to see Rhonda and Lou tonight!!

    SO…White Rock, here we come! Erin, you're going to totally rock it on Sunday…loads of MOJO coming your way, girl!

  10. Rhonda G says

    10:53 Annie RX

    First RX Annie..
    I am doing double-unders with a single in between…Still counts, right? That's sort of RX+, Right? Ha!

  11. MP Jimmy says

    First off, Lesley you did 105 lbs, not 95. So you did do more weight, but you can do more. 🙂

    I did Annie, 5:12 RX, not a PR; but I can still fill the "Blackjack" SU's! I did do all, but the last 4, DU's unbroken! 🙂 & 🙁

    Let's take the ROCK!!!!

  12. Now I have to admit to everyone that I took off 10 lbs after Jimmy set up my bar! 🙂 105 sure felt like a lot, so I went back to good old 95!

  13. Good Luck Erin…you will rock it!

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