Wednesday, 01 December 2010


20 Push-ups (PU)/1 Sit-up (SU)(unanchored)
19 PU/2 SU
18 PU/3 SU
17 PU/4 SU
…and so on, until you reach
1 PU/20 SU

For Time

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Compare to 09 JUN 10


  1. 16:05 RX

  2. Super Mod 20:25, bootcamp time 28:44! Whoo hoo or did I count wrong? :o)

    Good to be back…I've missed not starting my mornings with MPCF and the gang!

  3. 15:54 Rx

  4. 27:11 rx
    gonna have to excuse my screams and " pleasure" noises I made during this wod; jimmy filmed it; I promise I'm just doing blackjack 😉 lol!!

  5. 40:06 RX
    And to think I could have stayed in bed.
    4:31 slower than last time.

  6. Way to go, Carmen! Had fun with a full house in the 5:30 class!

    20:54, Knee PUs, about 3 mins faster than bootcamp. Tried to keep up with Robert on the mat next to me, but it just didn't happen. 🙂

  7. Melanie said…

    20:12/knee pu

  8. christine says

    21:20, PU from knees (PU 20-17 RX)
    21:27, boot camp time

  9. MP Jimmy says

    16:36 RX

    Robert and Danny were best today! Great job fellas! I partially blame Erin's 'noises' for distracting me. 😉

    It was AWESOME having a full house today!

    Congratz on PR's, Lesley, Christine, and Carmen!

  10. Chris Hauger says

    Modified instead of pushups I did squats.

  11. 31:05 rx

  12. 23:42 w/ Knee PUs

    My legs still hurt from Monday ;o(

    Oh, and I heard the distracting noises coming out of Erin…very funny! U-Tube maybe?!?!

  13. 21:55w/ knee PU's

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