Tuesday, 23 November 2010


30 Clean and Jerks (135/95)

For Time

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Compare to 29 DEC 09


Choose a sport:
Run, Row, Bike, Swim

Run: 8 x 50m, rest 2 minutes
Row: 8 x 75m, rest 2 minutes
Bike: 8 x 400m, rest 2 minutes
Swim: 8 x 25m/y, rest 2 minutes
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  1. Melanie said…

    5:39/65 lbs. PR of 43 seconds.

    Great work everyone!!! I was so happy to be at cf with everyone today! Congrats to all of the runners from the race on Sunday.

  2. 4.44 at 65#

    3 min PR. is that possible?

  3. 8:36
    55 lb
    First time for Grace. Last squat cleans were in Elizabeth on May 25 2010 at 30 lb.I think I am making some progress. Form needs work.
    Great to have Mel back! And Lesley and Carmen. Great job everyone.

  4. 4:17 45 lb
    There was nothing "GRACE"ful about it! :o)

    Jimmy, Sam was sore this morning! He was cracking me up and not complaining about going back today!!!

    I am THANKFUL for MPCF and all it's peeps!

  5. 4:59 rx 1 second slower than last time. Bad form slowed me down. Good job Erin doing it rx. you rock.

  6. 5:38, 65 lb

    I'm thankful for MPCF, too!

  7. 2:34 RX

    Not a PR. 🙁 I lost the "Jerk" form at about 15, which slowed me down. Maybe that means I need to work on it more, hmmmmm! 😉

    Great job to all you "Grace" first-timers out there!

  8. 13:12 rx PR!! Only like ten min slower then Jimmy and Jaimie :-p but hey I DID IT!! 😀 great job everyone!!

  9. hey, I love how it is suddenly thursday today. Doesn't that mean I get to eat turkey and pie?

  10. 5:00 RX PR by 21 seconds.

  11. 7:41 @ 85 lbs
    I'm thankful that I got up this morning after yesterday.

  12. Thanks for checking me Jaime! It is fixed.

  13. 4:13 rx

  14. 4:56 45lb….my first Grace experience

  15. 8:07 @ 65 lbs.
    First time to do 65lb on Grace. Took longer but was worth it.

  16. Amber! Great job….8:58 Rx but first Rx Grace…I wonder about lifting an elephant with 135 lbs. Really it only looks and feels heavy.

  17. Stacy says……
    4:35 rx Amber kicked my tail. I'm still a little sore from yesterday's pullups. That's my excuse LOL!

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