Friday, 19 November 2010


30 Box Jumps (20″)
25 Knees-to-Elbows
20 Overhead Squats (65/45)
Run 400m

5 rounds for time

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Compare to 3 DEC 08


  1. 41.26 5 rounds

    12" box jumps

    …the countdown to turkey day has begun….

  2. 33:17 4 rounds less OHS and RUN

    14", 20 lb, 50 situps

    Great to have Christian, a young whipper snapper, join our crew to keep us on our toes!

  3. Oops…
    41:33 – 5 Rounds Unbroken
    45 lb OHS
    14" Box Jumps

    June 25 2010
    51:12 MOD
    17" box jumps
    75 Situps

    Great WOD and congrats everyone for a strong finish. And echo Carmen – welcome Christian and what an initiation WOD! You take after your mom for sure. Have a great weekend everyone!

  4. 5 rds 50:30
    OHS 12 lbs.
    14" box

    Good work out.

  5. 45:21 RX+
    1:08 slower than last time, but did the first 2 RDS of OHS at 95 because our coach "forgot" they were supposed to be 65lbs:)

    Great job everybody! Enjoyed having Christian in class today.

  6. Danny — there is a burpee fine in there somewhere.

  7. 41:52 rx-glad I didn't try to do this WOD at 65lbs.

  8. 37:04 RX+

    I did all rds at 95lbs. Let me say, that was a HUGE brain toot on my part!! 100 95lb OHS, mixed in with all the rest, is AWESOME!! NOT!!

    I was able to keep rds 1,3,5 OHS unbroken. On 2 & 4, I had to rest the bar at 13. 🙁

    But hey, as we say at MPCF, "Expect the Unexpected"! 🙂

  9. P.S.


    Is that burpee penalty for my oversight; or for Danny's 'Joyful' reduction in weight?! 😉

  10. 4 Rounds Only
    40:06 w/situps
    Great job, everyone! Especially the over achievers! 🙂 My legs are toast!

  11. Oh Jimmy – that's a toss up…and well done. You got me there. I say you flip him for it. And throw in the vest to make it interesting.

  12. Good call Michel. Jimmy, the burpee fine must be for you because I was devastated when you removed 30 lbs from my bar. I know that my "yahoo!" yell could have been interpreted as "joyful", but it was really a primal yell of frustration:)

  13. Ah ha! Discovery – thanks Danny. Jimmy – burpee fine seems to be yours. No statue of limitations and interest accrues daily at 3 burpees plus prime, which today, according to the CF Index, is 5.729.

  14. 42:17 Rx+ with 95 pound OHS. Enjoyed having Christian with us…soon Chris will be back as well. T-1 month and counting.

    How come Jimmy never makes an error giving us less weight?

  15. 52:57 rx uhggghhhhh!! This wod is rough!!! Ditto Jaimie I was STOKED we didn't have to do 65!! Great job everyone! 🙂

  16. 46:53
    14" box jumps
    22 lb OHS

    Worked out in scrubs since I came straight for work…don't think scrubs are WOD appropriate Haha.
    Good job girls tonight!!! 🙂

  17. 37:55 Mod
    17" Box
    12 Lb OHS

    WooHoo!! It's over! Great to work out with the Super Girls this evening.

  18. 47:21 rx. Good job tonight ladies. Rhonda, Brandy, and Stacy kicked Sista's behind.

  19. Stacy says…..
    48:10 rx. I thought i wasn't going to make it but that's usually what I think on a 5 rounder LOL

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