Friday, 22 October 2010

Enjoyment and laughter on lap 1! 🙂


Run 800m
40 Push-ups
Run 800m
40 Sit-ups
Run 800m
40 Squats

2 rounds for time

Post time to comments

Compare to 22 JAN 10

MP classes will be meeting at normal times, but at LaFortune. Meet at the ‘0.00’ marker on the south end of the main golf course parking lot, by the sno cone shack. Gym will be closed.


  1. YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSS!!! This is all time fav WOD.

  2. Gentlemen, start your engines…that rocked!! Very smart of you Jimmy…and banner way to start the weekend seeing everyone. Angela, missed you and you too Mel! Thanks Erin! And four leaf clovers to Patrice and Lisette on their jaunt across the pond.

    Knee PU

  3. Good luck, Patrice & Lisette on your marathon!

    5K, 31:45. Fun running with Christine & Carmen! (Christine picked it up and finished with a better time.) Good job to everyone who did Nascar and braved the LaFortune track for pushups & situps!

  4. 31:01 RX
    Good luck Patrice and Lisette!
    Great seeing everybody out at LaFortune!

  5. 30:58 RX but I ran an extra 200 m I think–I stopped at the start. Oops.

  6. Go Go Go Patrice and Lisette! Top of the morning for an awesome marathon.
    Good job this morning John.. you are doing great.

  7. Thanks for all your good comments. After surviving a sleepless overnight flight due, in part, to screaming children, we did arrive and get some rest, then on to the local pub for food and drink. So far, so good!

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