Thursday, 21 October 2010

Rest Day


  1. Melanie said…

    WOD: 5 min. max dbl unders, rest 5 min, 5 min max speed skips. Post totals.

    I did 48 double unders and 330 speed skips.

    Excellent job bootcampers and Lesley on the "crippler!" You are AWESOME!!!

  2. MP Jimmy says

    5 min Dbl Unders: 305
    Rest 5 min
    5 min Speed Skips: 755

    I got 553 speed skips unbroken! Fun WOD

    Reminder: Tomorrows WOD, Friday, is at LaFortune. Both Class and bootcamp. Meet at the start point by the sno cone shack, south end of main golf course parking lot.

  3. Crippler outside and worked on form – slow and controlled.
    HUGE APPLAUSE for the warp speed Crippler finishers — Lesley and Tim are on the board, and if I missed one, see you tomorrow and have your faser on stun.

  4. Crippler – 10:59. Knee pads made a huge difference!
    Melanie – Great job on DU's!
    Michele – Crippler with hills sounds awful. Wonder how many hours it will take for the crippling to set in? 🙂

  5. 227 DU and 405 SpSk

  6. Stacy says…..
    50? DU and 460 speed skips……had a rope malfunction

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