Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Pick one:

5 rounds Handstand Push-ups, for max reps
5 minutes of Handstand hold, for minimum rounds
5 minutes of Handstand walk, for total distance

Post choice and result to comments


Choose a sport:
Run, Row, Bike, Swim

8 x 40 sec on/ 20 sec off

For total distance

Post distance to comments


  1. ROBERT!! What in the name of Murph, Michael, and Annie have you started?! WHAT IS NEXT? HANDSTAND BOX JUMPS? Oh, I know…a new variation of OHS and updside down power snatch. In Jimmy vernacular "Now, reverse it!" NO more vacation time for you. We can call this WOD "Robert, are you OK?"

  2. Ha, I was just thinking about taking a nibble on ROberts previous offer…was fun doing handstands again and seeing if I could still move forward.

  3. We missed Robert on handstand morning!

    5 Mins HS Hold – 9 tries.

  4. 4 rds on handstand holds.also 1421 on cfe row. Vernice you are a ROCKSTAR!!
    Melanie congrats on your dbl unders!!!
    Great job today everyone!!

  5. MP Jimmy says

    I bow to Vernice on today's WOD!

    I did HS Hold on the wall in 4 rounds. She did 3!!
    I also did rowing CFE, with a total of 1714m.

    Great work on the handstands everyone.

  6. 22 HSPU
    CFE 1628M

    Great job everybody!

  7. Melanie said…

    12 hspu on 24" box (toes) for first three rounds. 27 hspu on 24" box (knees) for last two rounds.

    Good job everyone!!!!

  8. 55 feet hand walking in 5 minutes. That really helped my walking on hands. Sorry Lesley about not coming this morning…but came and worked out with Brandy and Doug in the evening.

    Jimmy, thanks for posting handstand day…soon I may just walk everywhere on my hands–with Michel!

  9. Vernice, could I rent you for a morning or two to help me on my handstands?

  10. Good job Robert!!

    I did 5 min hspu hold and did it in 7 rounds
    Also did the CFE wod 4 rounds 651m

  11. Vernice — the search is over! You have wanted to be Helen of something and here you are…drumroll…
    Helen of Handstands! You were amazing today!

  12. HS Hold 3 Rounds…
    Thank you, thank you very much! I am just glad to be Helen of SOMETHING.
    Yes Robert, I will help you ANY morning with your handstands. help not rent.

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