Saturday, 09 October 2010

Run 400m
Rest 2 minutes

8 rounds for time

Post total sprint time to comments

Compare to 16 MAR 10


  1. MP Jimmy says

    Danny, Erin, and I are meeting at the 96th and Riveside playground at 0630 to run 12 miles. Everyone is welcome to join. You can run whatever distance you like.

    Saturday class will still be at 0900.

    Good luck to Angela on her marathon this weekend.

  2. 10k run with Jaime. Great job Jimmy, Erin, and Danny. Maybe one day I will be as fast as you guys. Good luck Angela. We are very proud of you.

  3. Amber forogot our cool time of 1 hour 10 minutes. That was an accomplishment for me. First 10k ever.

  4. MP Jimmy says

    Congratz to Jaime and Amber on their first 10K! Thanks Danny and Erin for the 12 mile company. 🙂 I am glad we ran 85%! 🙂

    My time was 1:40:16.

    Also, good job Robert on the WOD Shop WOD. Strong work!

  5. Ok my 85% is jimmy's 25% ;-p lol great job early mornin runners!!
    Ps my 12 miles= 2:23

  6. 1:44:45 12 mile run. Great to have Amber, Jaime, Erin and Jimmy to run with. Way to go Angela with your marathon!

  7. Awesome job Jaime and Amber — first 10K is a milestone and your time was gold medal. Well done ladies. So, the patient is just about back to full health – I ran a 5K today and am still upright. Anemic Annie yesterday to testdrive WOD fitness. See everyone tomorrow — so happy to be coming back to Mecca and our merry band of CrossFitters. Danny – your 12 mile time was my 10K time! My life as the CrossFit "Before" picture.

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