Thursday, 07 October 2010

Rest Day


  1. 12:59 sprint time RX'd plus 20 lb. weighted vest.

  2. 17:52, 8-400M sprints w/2 Min Rest.

    Fun running with the fast boot campers this morning! Impressive times with the 20 lb vests, Danny & Robert!

  3. 12:59 sprint time with weighted vest.

  4. 13:41 total sprint time. You crazy weighted vest people. Good job today Jaime.

  5. 16:12 with 10bs weighted vest! Robert you have corrupted me!!
    Great race this evening Amber and Jaime!! You ladies did awesome!
    Wonder twins (Danny and Robert) I think the vest made you two faster somehow!!

  6. 14:49 Good job kicking my buns, Amber. Time for me to go on a diet.

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