Wednesday, 06 October 2010

A CrossFit’n Family!

Run 400m
25 Dumbell Thrusters (35/25)
15 Pull-ups
Run 800m
25 Dumbell Thruster
15 Pull-ups
Run 400m

For Time

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Compare to 12 OCT 09 (similar)


  1. 13:38 RX. Awesome job to everybody, but it was really cool seeing Lesley do her pullups RX'd. This is going to be a great day!

  2. 18:18
    1.5" PLU
    20# 1st rnd thrusters & 10# 2nd rnd
    (I think we need some 15# dumbbells)

    This morning was pretty rough; it was the first time that my asthma kicked in and actually hindered my workout…not fun! Tomorrow will be better!!

    Great job on the Rx PLUs, Lesley!!!

  3. Thanks, Danny! Great family photo!

    20:15 NOT Rx. Managaed to do Rx pullups (with some good cheering), but used 20's for Thrusters. Caught some grief for that, but shoulders and legs were worn out!

    Looking forward to seeing Melanie & Michel back soon!

  4. 18:10 rx…had to share 25# db, so I did about 10 reps each round with 30# db. Man!! those 10 were hard, added about 100# extra.

  5. It was a good work out. My time was 18:12 with 2" band and 10 lb. dumbells

  6. 17:29 with the 20lb

  7. correction 17:49 sorry

  8. 20:21
    20lb thrusters for 17 then moved to 10 lb the rest of the wod
    3" band

  9. 12:19 Rx

  10. Stacy says…..
    20:18 w/2 thong bands. Should have just used one but dumbbell thrusters wear my arms out!

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