Monday, 27 September 2010

Dear Lord, help me get these HSPU’s done!!!!


Run 1 mile
Row 2ooom
Run 1 mile

For Time

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  1. GReat WOD!! 33.57

    Thanks Patrice for pacing me. Welcome back Coby and Richard!

    so where were the rest of the 0630's???

  2. 26:06 RX

  3. Melanie said…

    32:11 RX. PR of 45 seconds from last time.

    Lesley sure was a trooper running today. She rode in the MS bike ride over the weekend! Great job, Lesley!

    Great job everyone!!!

  4. 29:48 rx under 30 yay!!

  5. Thanks, Melanie! You did great up those hills and cut time off!

    Thought I'd skip the hard rower seat for a day and did my best to just catch up with Mel on the running part of the WOD!

  6. 28:42. Good job Rhonda, Fred, and Stacy. Beautiful outside.

  7. Great WOD, especially since it included running. 36:35

  8. 27:54 rx great job everyone great to see the morning crowd 🙂

  9. 23:36 PR

  10. Stacy says….
    33:19 rx not bad for a girl that runs with the speed of a walrus LOL

  11. Ha girl, I would have been the sister to your walrus if I came tonight…back is NOT better and din't want to make it I see tomorrow's…oh well. Dr. Wants to do an epidural?????EEEEKKKKK!!!

  12. 31:10 RX

    Love those letters "RX" and I can claim so few of them!! That was a challenge!! Good to work out with the 5:30 pm gals! And thanks for the lesson on the rower. I definitely have room for improvement!

  13. White Ape says

    23:40 PR

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