Saturday, 25 September 2010

Main WOD:

“Pick your poison”

Pick any WOD; new WOD, favorite WOD, needs improvement WOD, or simple one you have not done in a while.

Post WOD choice, time, # rounds, etc. to comments


Choose a sport:
Run, Row, Bike, Swim

Run or Row: 5k
Bike: 10k
Swim: 1600m

Post time to comments


  1. Great morning with Coby, Robert, Jimmy and Jaime. Coby and Jaime smoked on PR's today – Congrats!!
    I saw the weights Robert was doing and my eyes glazed. Great job!
    Made up Friday's WOD

    skinny band – first WOD. Yippee.
    Knee PU

    Thanks Jimmy!

  2. And UA SU.

  3. I have got to start today over. Patrice, great to see you this morning, its been awhile!

  4. I did knee "Grace" with Robert.
    Time was 3:11 at 45lbs (next time I will use 65)

    Robert and I then ran a 5k at 85%, 26:06.
    Then I ran 2 more miles at 85%, 16:30.

    It was great WOD'n with everyone this am.

    Awesome job and congratz to Coby for the 5k row PR; and that's after being off for 3 weeks due to surgery!

    Congratz to Jaime as well for her PR, and top spot on board for "Grace"!!

  5. Great work Jaime, Coby and Michel on the PRs. Thanks Jimmy for doing "Knee Grace"–that is cleaning (and jerking) a 45 pound bar from sitting on your knees.


  6. grace rx 4:58 wow I surprised myself didn't feel super when I got up this am. Thanks for all the high fives on the blog. See you guys around

  7. Love Joe in the pic 🙂 " daaaaaaad!?"

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