Tuesday, 07 September 2010

2-person Team Ladder for time:
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10…back down to 1

Hang Power Clean (115/75)

Post time to comments

One bar. Bar cannot touch the ground. Each team member does their reps, then passes bar to teammate. If rest is needed during reps, rest bar on thighs or in hip crease. If bar touches ground, a penalty is applied, and then continue on.

Penalty for bar touching ground is:
The offending team member’s current rep round did not count, and both members do 15 Burpees.
(See comments for CFE WOD)


  1. Vernice got stuck with me — and she was top notch. The whole clean ROM and skill is slow in coming. Work in progress.
    45 lb
    Susan and Angie rocked big time!! Great work ladies. I bow.
    So I think I need to do some research on cleans.

  2. CFE WOD (3+ hours before or after main WOD):

    Choose a sport:
    Run, Row, Bike, Swim

    5 minute time trial (TT)/ rest 5 min
    2 rounds

    Cover max distance (ALL OUT)

    Post distance covered to comments

  3. I partnered with Robert. Our time was 18:18 RX, with 15 burpees. If you ask me, I think Robert just wanted to do some burpees! 🙂

    I also obtained level III in the jump rope challenge, 100 Double Unders unbroken!! Now time to start working lvl IV! No rest for the weary. 🙂

  4. 20 something RX with Danny with 15 burpees. My apologies for barking out an obscenity when my grip failed and I dropped the bar. Many thanks to Danny for holding the bar for extra minutes while I worked up the resolve to take it from him.

  5. Melanie said…

    25:07/55 lbs. with 15 burpees. Team mate was Jana with Lesley working along beside us. Great workout girls!!!!!

    CONGRATS to Jimmy for obtaining level III 🙂 🙂

    Great job everyone!!!!

  6. 23:07/65 lbs w/15 burpees. No partner, but stuck with Jana & Melanie until I needed to do burpees! Thanks to Jimmy for partnering up with me at the end, even though he did one-arm reps with my two-arm weight! 🙂

  7. I partnered w/ Lisette but we used different wgts.
    16:42/55lbs…no burpees! Jimmy thinks we should have done more wgt but I thought the 55lbs was plenty. So, it looks like I have to do at least 60lbs next time!

    Everyone did AWESOME this morning!

  8. The burpees were my favorite part.

    Thanks Jimmy. Great workout.

  9. Stacy says……
    I partnered with Amber (big surprise I know LOL)
    15:17 rx no burpees

  10. I partnered with Brandy
    13:45 (I think) with no burpees 32#

  11. Danny and I did the running CFE. Erin did the rowing.

    I covered 1.53 miles (.79 & .74).

  12. I partnered with Ginny! Good job girl!
    14:45 with 32 lbs no burpees

  13. OOPS…14:45

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