Monday, 06 September 2010

Run or Row 10K
For Time

Post time to comments

MP CrossFit will be closed for Labor Day.
Regular hours will resume Tuesday morning.


  1. I DID IT! I never thought I could do a 10 K. I ran the first 3 miles, walked 1, and ran the rest. Hugh Grant and a lifetime supply of Super Size Fries at the finish wouldn't have made a difference in my time…but I did it! Yes!!

  2. Great job Michel!

    Similarly…I did it!

    "RJ" (see June 22, 2010 main site WOD)

    Five rounds for time:

    Run 800 meter
    15 foot rope ascents (5 times)
    50 push ups

    Rx 1:20:39–longest crossfit workout I have done! Seriously thought about quitting after round 3.

    The rope ascents were interesting–lots of learning done during the workout as round 2 was the slowest (19 minutes) and round 5 was the second fastest(a little over 16 minutes).

    The rope burns were unexpected but thanks to my sister the knee high soccer socks made rounds 3 thru 5 bearable. Thanks to Danny and Chris for there support too. Next time I am shooting for under an hour!

  3. Lou says:

    54:00 10K Row on level 10 the Health Zone on Saturday.

    Rhonda Says: Good Job Michel, Robert, and Proton Lou!!

  4. Roberto estas muy loco!!!
    Great job labor day woders 🙂 had to work today for time 6hrs :p
    have a great rest of the weekend all!

  5. I rode 31 miles along Riverside in about 2:06-ish!! Great ride; my last one before the triathlon on Sunday in D.C. Way to go Michel, Robert, and Lou!!

    I cannot wait to see everyone tomorrow, I've missed my CF buddies!

  6. Went tubing on the lake for time:)…ran the park, but it wasn't a 10K…

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