Thursday, 02 September 2010

Rest Day


  1. 100 OHS for Time
    32 lb
    On to 45 lb. YES!

  2. Way to go, Michel!!

    100 OHS, 10:57, 29 lb

  3. Great job Lesley and Michel. 9:30 Rx 100 OHS 95 lbs

  4. 100 OHS 8: something..
    I weenied out and only did 22 lb. I just couldnt have had good form with a heaver weight today.
    Good job all..
    Let's get ready for a great end of summer weekend!!!

  5. 7.46
    45# OHS

    Note to self: tape your wrists next time

  6. I cannot believe I have been gone all week…I miss you guys and feel like a total bum. This week has been busy and demanding but it's over now!! I'm going to hit a CF gym in Lakewood, CO in the morning but I am really looking forward to being back in my home CF next week. I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend…be safe!!

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