Tuesday, 31 August 2010


21-15-9 rep rounds of:

Handstand Push-ups
Ring Dips

For Time

Post time to comments

Compare to 24 FEB 09

CFE WOD (3+ hours before/after main WOD):

Choose a sport:
Run, Row, Bike, Swim

Sprint for 30 seconds, rest for 45 seconds. Now cover that same distance, no matter the time, for 8 rounds. Rest 45 seconds after each round.

Post distance covered and sprint total time to comments


  1. MP Jimmy says

    Some of you over the next few weeks may repeat WOD's from the "Hopper Week". If that happens, just look at it as an opportunity to better your form. 🙂

    See ya in the am!

  2. Being a student for time today — had to miss out. But I created my own WOD:
    12 Rounds
    100 Singles
    10 PU
    15 SU

    I am sweating big time. See ya tomorrow.

  3. 17:47 1/2" band ring dips 24" box hspu

  4. MP Jimmy says

    12:16 RX

    New PR by 1 min!! I also set a new PR in max HSPU unbroken, 19! The PU's were the hardest part!

    Great job everyone!

  5. MP Jimmy says


    My arms and shoulders are toast!

  6. The countdown begins…5 weeks!

  7. 14:21
    24" knee HSPU
    1" band dips
    Knee PUs

    Good job on the PR, Jimmy!

  8. Yay anne!! Can't wait to see ya!
    Ugh this one was yuck today usually I CAN do ring dips ( but a mile of burpees and 7 rds from yesterday later….. Not so much) so I demoted myself to the 1/2 " band, hspus on 24" box = 19:57 ugh! Blah
    ps I'm using a pencil in my mouth to type this post! :-p

  9. Melanie said…

    21:36/toe hspu on 24" box/1" band ring dips/knee pu

    Welcome back John! Great job to everyone!!!

  10. 30:39 21 on the parallettes-15 Rx-9 Abmat—fun but those parallettes are tough. John, great to see you! Anne, great to see you soon!

  11. CFE Wod
    200 meter sprints rest 2 minutes
    10 rounds

  12. CFE WOD

    200 m sprints rest 2 mins
    6 rounds
    6 minutes

    I wanted to pass out so for one rest period it was like 5 mins…good job Amber!

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