Thursday, 26 August 2010

Rest Day


  1. MP Jimmy says


    Please pray for my next door neighbors; their house caught on fire this afternoon, 60% fire damaged. No one was injured, Praise the Lord! Will be hard for them the next few months. No damage to my house.

    Rhonda, I will continue to pray for Lou's speedy recovery.

  2. Rhonda G says

    Then we will surely be blessed!!

    Prayers for your neighbors. Life is precious and I'm glad they are OK!

  3. Beautiful morning to run around LaFortune. FYI-the trail is open all the way around the park.

    No record set for me. My knee started to ache but the running felt good (for a change)

  4. 150 burpies in 30:06

  5. Sancta Maria!! Yo soy consada!!! De gracias a Dios por dias de descanso!!

    (Saint Mary , I am tired! Thank God for rest days!! 😉 lol De Nada Jimmy! :-p

  6. Debbie drew filthy fifty….I thought she was my friend!

    Time was 40:14

    This was
    More than 4 minutes better than last time

  7. 150 Burpees 16:09, good job Brandy. This week has been all about survival.

  8. 22:01 for 150 burpees. Awesome job amber!! We both made the board!! We're famous now!! Had a guy say 150 was impossible I said nope and I did it in 22:01!! Told him for sure!!!!

  9. Melanie said…

    150 burpees in 18:41

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