Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Hopper Week
Day 3

Post WOD with time, rounds, rep, etc. to comments


  1. 20:29 Michael Rx–congrats to Jana for making the board.

  2. Jana – that is awesome work. Congrats indeed!

    Jackie – 12:36
    Row 1000
    50 Thrusters – 32 lb
    30 PLU 1 " band

  3. 21:21 RX'd Michael.

  4. Michael – 32:55 or maybe 31:55. Either way, it was a long time! Good WOD to get out and take in the cool morning. Congrats, Jana, on making the board and for picking a good WOD!

  5. Josh
    21 ohs (95/65)
    42 plu
    15 ohs
    30 plu
    9 ohs
    18 plu

    this one took me 2.5 min longer than the last time I did it!! 14:51 rx glad tomorrow is rest day

  6. Jackie 13:18
    1000 Meter Row
    1.5" banded plu (30)
    45# thrusters

    Debbie did 32# @ 12:42

  7. Melanie said…

    25:22 Rx- Congrats Jana!!! 🙂

  8. Melanie said…

    25:22 Rx/Michael (forgot earlier to put which WOD I did)

  9. "Josh": 12:50 rx actually a pr! Like almost 2 min improvement! God I'm excited for a rest day tmrw!! Great job everyone!!

  10. I just could not resist the BEAUTIFUL & FABULOUS weather this morning…so, I went for a long cycle along Riverside (36 miles). At one point I was riding on the west side trail through a wooded area and there was actually a train (only 3 cars) chugging along beside me…made me feel like I was far far away from the real world…nice little escape!

  11. 13:11 Rx Jackie

  12. Stacy says……
    12:08 1"band

  13. 11:03 Jackie
    1.5" PLU band
    32# thrusters

  14. Jackie

    22 lb/2.5" band

    Got my first rip from pull ups tonight!! 🙂

  15. MP Jimmy says

    I did "Josh" with Erin and Jaime. I did not set a PR, but we can't do that everytime anyway.

    My time: 7:26 RX

    These last three days have been rough! I am ready for a rest day!!!

  16. MP Jimmy says

    I have to make a correction. Erin, Jaime, and I did Josh, but I forgot to adjust the time. When I WOD with them, I start the clock and "3-2-1" us at the 7 sec mark. I did that, but when writing down the times I did not subtract it out. All that said,

    Jaime was 12:18
    Erin was 12:40
    Jimmy was 7:16

    See, I do make mistakes! 🙂

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