Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Hopper Week
Day 2

Just like day 1, but Day 2!

Post WOD with time, completed rounds, max rep, etc. to comments

CFE WOD (3+ hours before or after main WOD):

Choose a sport:
Run, Row, Bike, Swim

3 rounds for max distance

20 sec on, 60 sec off; 20 on, 50 off; 20 on, 40 off;
20 on, 30 off; 20 on, 20 off; 20 on, 10 off; start round 2

Post total distance to comments


  1. 25:08 Jerry, RX.

  2. Melanie said…

    32:56 Jerry, RX.

  3. Jenni
    1 " band
    RX for the rest.

  4. Jenni – 53:31
    8# wall balls
    1.75" band
    PLU's were tough today after the rip yesterday but I got through them w/out any mishaps

    I am SO glad we stuck with Jenni this morning, Murph may have done me in!!

  5. Jenni 40:50

    WB 12# rd 1 -> 8# rd 2&3
    PLU 1.5 rd 1&2 -> 1.75 rd 3

    Jaime, Jimmy and Erin picked "Annie, Are you OK?" Hope you guys are ok after that WOD.

    tomorrow I may be MIA b/c the SHERYL CROW concert is tonight!! WooHoo!

    Rhonda, thinking of you and Lou! Hugs and Prayers!

  6. 32:56 "Jerry" Rx. Thanks for picking that one, Danny!

  7. MP Jimmy says

    We (Jaime, Erin, and Jimmy) actually picked 100 Pull-ups for time; well, Jaime picked it. BUT, the "what's behind door #1" option was taken, and out popped "Annie, are you ok?"!!! AHHHH!

    Erin and Jaime did that WOD at our normal time, 0730, but I did not have time to do it with them due to a private lesson at 0800. So I had to do it alone at 0845. Luckly and thankfully Jaime and Erin stayed to time me. We were worn out after that one.

    My time: 37:21, a PR by 3:32!!

    I will say that doing Barbara yesterday and Annie, are you ok today is the hardest two days in a row I have done in a while. 🙂

    What will tomorrow bring?! 🙂

    Thanks Jaime! Really! 🙂 It is bed time now! GN

  8. MP Jimmy says

    WODs picked so far today:
    Run 1 mile
    Row 2K
    Run 1 mile
    For Time

    Run 800m
    25 SU
    25 Wall Ball Shots
    25 Burpees
    25 PLU
    3 rds for time

    Coaches and Jaime-"Annie, are you OK?"
    Row 500m at beginning of each rd
    21-18-15-12-9 rep rds of:
    DB Thrusters (35/25)
    SDHP (1 pood)
    Ball Cleans (20/12)
    Wall Ball shots (20)
    For Time

  9. Hey, who put Annie are you OK in the bowl in the first place? And who decided that "hooper" week would be a good idea. (nice spelling)
    just to let everyone know Annie are you ok goes like this
    500m row before each round
    21-18-15-12-9 reps of
    dumbell thrusters 35/25
    sudhp 1 pood
    ball cleans 20/16
    wall ball shots 20/12
    51:24 rx

  10. Jenni 52:23 rowing, 1.5" band and 12# wb.
    Rhonda and Lou, Debbie and I are praying with you.

  11. Rhonda G says

    Thanks for the Hugs and Prayers everyone!!

    BTW..I'm in Durango on business and Lou is in Houston. His Proton radiation started today. He said it went really good! His spirits are up!!

    Yesterday after I arrived a coworker and I hiked the Animas mountain loop. 6 miles round trip…I know at least 4 of those were up!! I did it though. Sore ankles today!! Lots of rocks!! Only fell down once..success!! Don't ask the time..haha!

  12. Stacy says……
    Griff – 19:27

  13. I ditto what Jimmy said ugh Annie is NOT OK!! :57:04
    big high five to miss Rhonda!! Nice job!! We miss Lou continue to pray and send good healing vibes!
    Ps keep miss Anne in your prayers she has HER LAST surgery today!!! We love and miss both LOU AND ANNE 🙂

  14. Griff – 18:55

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