Tuesday, 17 August 2010


3 rounds for time of:

10 Ground to overhead (95/65)

200 yd Shuttle sprint, 50 yds there and back twice

Post time to comments

CFE WOD (3+ hours before/after main WOD):

Choose a sport:

Run, Row, Bike, Swim

Run: 4 x 300m ALL OUT SPRINTS, 5 min rest

Row: 4 x 375m ALL OUT SPRINTS, 5 min rest

Bike: 3 x 2k ALL OUT SPRINTS, 5 min rest

Swim: 5 x 50 m/y ALL OUT SPRINTS, 3 min rest

Post total sprint time to comments


  1. 5:59 rx

  2. 7:29
    45 lb
    This was a great WOD and different. Seeing progress in motion and strength but still can't get the 65 over my head. After the last two days, I am off to chase up a voice activated, self propelled vacuum, possibly in red.

  3. 6:10 RX

  4. MP Jimmy says

    4:16 RX

    Love that WOD! Short, powerful, and exhausting all in one!

    Good job this am everyone.

  5. 5:47 RX

  6. Melanie said…

    6:28/45 lbs.

  7. 8:38/Rx. (Is that double Jimmy's time?!) 🙂 Felt like I was moving in slow motion, but lots of fun!

  8. 5:53 rx

  9. Cfe-4:57 wod-6:21 don't do those back to back I'm OUT!!!!

  10. 5:52 Rx

  11. Stacy says……
    6:43 rx just time me with a calendar next time!

  12. Hi! See ya soon!

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