Friday, 13 August 2010

I am dreaming of cooler weather! 🙂
For Time
50 Double Unders
10 Tire Flips (210/175)
15 Pull-ups
20 Overhead Squats (65/45)

4 rounds

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Compare to 28 AUG 09


  1. Crossfit family,

    All is well here at wedding front!! My daughter returned from south africa. The rehearsal is over. It's "GO Day". Let's get this party started

    Thanks for all tthe good wishes. see you Monday.

  2. That was an AWESOME WOD! Nasty rip in last round at 10 PLU — but I finished. I am Kiptonite.

    32 lb OHS
    1" band PLU

    Great week at MP and banner weekend to all!

  3. Missed all of the 5:30 regulars this morning, but enjoyed working out with Robert & Jimmy…good job on the fast times, guys!
    26:56; 32 lb OHS, 1.5" band, Singles

  4. 35:58 rx…. my hands are toasted. Good to see a big crew at 5:30 pm sweat off a few pounds.

  5. 24:09 RX Great job to all! Thanks for the coaching Jimmy and Erin!

  6. I was a drama queen, but I got it done!!
    24:48 rx

  7. 18:36 Rx–great to work out with Jimmy and Leslie–yesterday made level 2 jump rope challenge. On to 100 doubles–not today though.

  8. Great WOD this evening and much fun with the crew that braves this silly heat every day at 5:30p!!

    singles, 1.5", 30#

  9. Stacy says…….
    29 even w/singles and banded PLU's….i thought i had improved my time but i was 40 seconds slower. I need to work harder

  10. Melanie said…

    31:26/singles/22 lb ohs.
    First time to do 60 RX pull ups in a wod.
    Working on level two jump roping. Completed level one earlier in week.

  11. 41:39

    20lb for OHS,
    3" band on pull ups
    6 tire flips

    Proud of myself I actually finished! Thanks to everyone encouraging me!!! 🙂

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