Wednesday, 04 August 2010

For Time

Run 200m
20 Burpee Box Jumps (20/16)*
10 Toes-to-bar
5 Handstand Push-ups
Row 250m

4 rounds

Post time to comments

*- To do a Burpee Box Jump, you do a standard burpee, but instead of a jump and clap, you jump up onto a box. Hence, when jumping the feet back up from the prone postion, the closer to the hands they are, the easier the box jump will be. Enjoy!


  1. I'm "burpeed" out. Swimmin' at HZ with V and C.
    Phelps 33:42 knee PU

    Debbie's WOD yesterday was tough.

  2. That was a doozy. So happy to be back and great to see everyone! Missed the Phelps continent see ya at the sweat shop tomorrow.

    39:09 MOD
    20 KU
    20" Box Toes HSPU – First time – HURRAY!!
    Rest was RX

  3. Leslie
    I was wrong the 5k is first and starts at 7:30 Saturday

  4. MP Jimmy says

    AIR IS BACK ON!!!!! Sweat shop should be back to "normal". 🙂

    Today's WOD:
    22:14 RX

    Burpee Box Jumps were interesting and exhausting! But, I did enjoy them! 😀

  5. Great news about the air!

    40:16, 20" toes w/help. Lots of standing and staring at that 17" box between burpees!

    Danny & Melanie- We missed you guys this morning!
    Rob – Thanks for the info.

  6. Vernice and I did Phelps, we think around 53 minutes. Hard to see the clock without glasses. I'm sure Susan thinks we took a coffee break during the workout.

  7. 43:31
    5/20 HSPU RX

  8. 28:10 Rx. Very nice those burpee box jumps. Congrats to Michel…Lesley great work on the toes to bar and Jana great work on the 20 inch burpee box jumps.

  9. Sounds like everyone did some amazing stuff this morning! All those burpees…the jump at the end definitely takes 'em to the next level. Lesley, I too spent some time staring at the box. But I finally finished…
    14" jumps, 20" knee PU
    1st rnd KU then SU

  10. V and C– 53 minutes, seriously

    what were you doing down at the far end of the pool? you could have baked muffins for that coffee break.

    I was eating a muffin at Mimi's Cafe by the time you finished. (Today was breakfast with my mom day.)

    LOL–see you tomorrow.

  11. Stacy says…..
    38:26 round 1 RX, round 2-4 RX minus the box jump part of the burpee. The lower abdomen is still not what it used to be! And now, a love letter:

    Dear King of Fans,
    Have you noticed how I look longingly at you thru my workout? I count the reps until I can sit before you and bask in your coolness. Your silvery shine tempts me continuously as you beckon me with your "come hither" oscillations. Never leave me King of Fans. I need you more than you know.
    Your loving devotee,
    Stacy the Overheated

  12. Vernice says

    Susan,, we were pacing ourselves. Phelps can actually be a very enjoyable workout!

  13. 36:01 rx note to self: never wod at 5:30 pm when it's 100+ outside!! I was dizzy and lightheaded for a while after! And now I just feel like crap! Screw the heat!!!!!

  14. 28:06 RX

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