Thursday, 22 July 2010

Rest Day

(Read 1st comment if you are coming to WOD at normal times)


  1. MP Jimmy says

    If you are WOD'n tomorrow, the WOD will be "Phelps", which is a swimming WOD. Meet at the Health Zone, in the lap pool, at your normal time. Wear swim gear. You will be getting in and out of the pool.

  2. 34:04 RX Great job Robert, Lesley, and Mel!

  3. 39.52

    I really like the Phelps WOD. Jimmy, can you schedule it on a regular basis? ie the last Thursday of each month.

  4. Michel says

    35:21 – 3:18 PR
    Got to 6 RX PU in Round one. Rest knee.
    I love this WOD.

  5. walked a 5K @ HZ in 44-something!

  6. Melanie said…

    40:02/knee pu/did su instead of squats for rds 7 & 8 due to knee pain. First time to do Phelps. It was fun! Now, I want to become a better swimmer. CF exposes us to some great things!!!! 🙂 Thanks, Jimmy! Great job Lesley, Robert and Danny!

  7. Angela says

    My first time for Phelps and it was great!! Thanks, Jimmy for the tips on my stroke. Everyone did a great job this morning! Way to go, Debbie for finishing Phelps…awesome!

    38:41 – knee PU

  8. Robert says

    24:07 Rx–great job to all!

  9. Did Annie in Dante's Inferno (the upstairs surgery suites). I sweated off at least a few pounds. 10:50? Rx. Congrats to Erin on defeating the nemesis and getting a PR.

  10. Did Annie 6:21 WHOOHOO!! PR!! 🙂 I'll be visiting phelps tmrw 🙂

  11. Stacy says……
    My first WOD since surgery. It's been 2 weeks from surgery back to Crossfit.
    Half Annie
    8:?? singles

  12. Brandy says

    Did Annie in the Ghost Hunters hotel…wanted to die so Erin was kind enough to half the rest after I barely finished the first round when she was on round 3.


    -Single jump rope (round 1 200 singles, rest of rounds 1/2 RX)
    -Sit ups (50 first round, rest of rounds 1/2 RX)

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