Tuesday, 06 July 2010

Max reps in 12 minutes of:

Box Jumps (24/20)

Post reps to comments


Choose a sport:
Run, Row, Bike, Swim

Run: 4 x 800m, rest 5 minutes
Row: 4 x 1000m, rest 5 minutes
Bike: 4 x 2 mile, rest 5 minutes
Swim: 4 x 100m, rest 5 minutes


Post sprint time to comments


  1. 164 RX. Great job Leslie and Robert!

  2. Michel says

    That was awesome! I am on the road to RX. Jimmy, thanks for the heads up on my launch position. Hugely impacts lift off.

    130- 17" box
    20" is work in progress
    Lesley – strong work and very inspiring!

  3. MP Jimmy says

    215 Jumps, RX

    That was an interesting WOD. I was shooting for 230. I did have 4 missed reps, not paying attention to box. 🙂

  4. 20" box…104 reps
    Debbie did 101 on a 12" box

  5. Melanie said…

    175/17" box
    Great to see all of the 5:30 p.m. people! I liked this wod!

  6. Lesley says

    Thanks, Michel & Danny! Missed Melanie at 5:30 am!

    Did CFE WOD at the pool tonight. Felt kind of strange standing around for 5 minutes, but I did it!

  7. Robert says

    200 RX

  8. Patrice says

    Well, that Monday WOD did me in and I ended up sleeping in on Tuesday. See you Wednesday!

  9. Angela says

    I backed down to a 14" box since my knees were so sore on a 17" last time. There are so many things to think about while jumping…knees apart, land on toes, jump onto the box not into the box, hips open…I have plenty to work on. But, my knees don't hurt yet so I'll keep working on them!

    CFE: Run 4 x 800 – total sprint time = 18:06
    I had NO idea I could even run that fast!!! It was a flat course though 🙂

  10. Angela says

    Oh yeah, I did 110 jumps.

    Way to go Lesley!! Already doing Rx box jumps…impressive!

  11. 176 jumps rx
    and cfe rowing
    my lil truck is passed out in the parking lot up there,:-/ hope she will be ok for the night ; PS thanks again Jimmy for trying to resusitate her!

  12. 200 rx box jumps
    rowing CFE WOD did each round in about 4:30. Sorry to hear about your poor truck, Erin

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