Wednesday, 30 June 2010

We will miss you Patty! We pray that our paths,
in this life, will cross again. 3-2-1 Go!

For Time

25 Push-ups
15 Snatches (75/50)
15 Kettelbell Swings (2/1.25 pood)
25 Sit-ups
Run 400m

4 rounds

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  1. Melanie said…

    30:33/knee pu/22 lb snatches/butterfly situps. WOW! What a work out!!!! Patty, you will definitely be missed!!!!!! I hope you can come back!!!!! 🙂

  2. Robert says

    38:33 Rx but knocked the pood out of me! Great work to all. First snatch workout was quite impressive for the 0530 crew.

  3. 47:37 RX except for the snatches that I bailed out of.

  4. Michel says

    30 LB Snatch
    1.25 pood KBS
    Knee PU

    That was a WOD! Everyone was on fire today! I am seeing a nap, a rather large steak, and a nap in my afternoon. Looking forward to tomorrow's WOD of backgammon and mint juleps.

  5. 43:33 RX but UGLY.

  6. Angela says

    22# Snatch
    25# KBS
    Knee PU

    Yeesh, that was FUN! A agree with Michel, a nap is sounding very fine right now. Oh, I doubt we get mint juleps tomorrow, but we can expect another fantastic AM at CF! Thanks, Jimmy!

  7. MP Jimmy says

    28:07 RX

    That was an AWESOME WOD! The swings with the new 2 pood bells were GREAT! Kicked my rear end.

    Strong work to everyone today! You did AWESOME!

    No mints! 🙂

  8. This post is dedicated to Susan:
    tihs wuz a reelly hrad dow tudaee, it wuz os toh owt sdie!! My sntaeches whur owfol!! Butt o Welles! I'll wurc no tehm 🙂
    31:38 xr
    grate boj evry1 🙂 lol hehe

  9. PS Hukded on foniks wurket 4 mee!!

  10. Stacy says……
    31:52 RX holy moly that was something!

  11. Erin, you're killin' me again!! Too funny.

    My time was < 38.
    Snatches of various weights: 40 then 30 then 20 then back to 30#.
    Knee PU
    35# KBS

    that WOD was WOW !

    I napped too. Ready for bed again now.
    Good night

  12. 34:30 with the 35 pound KB. Awesome to see Stacy and Erin neck and neck. You girls rock.

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