Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Row 3K

For Time

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Choose a sport:
Run, Row, Bike, Swim

Run: 6 x 400m, Rest*
Row: 6 x 500m, Rest*
Bike: 6 x .5 mile, Rest*
Swim: 6 x 50m/yd, Rest*

Rest*=2x the time it took to run each interval.
I.E. run 400 in 65 sec, rest 130 sec.

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  1. Melanie said…

    14:47/Row 3K
    Great job Robert and Danny!

  2. Robert says

    11:29–great work to you Melanie and I think Danny is definitely back….

  3. 14:16
    Nice job Susan! You got me by 11 seconds.

  4. 14:05

    Way to go, Coby! I gave you a target to shoot for.

    Michel, how was your fitness assessment? did you pass? lol

  5. 11:48 Great job everybody!

  6. MP Jimmy says

    My legs were exhausted! Great job everyone!

  7. Michel says

    Well since you asked…FLYING COLORS. I did comparison to first one right before starting MPCF. Holy Filthy Fifty Batman. What a huge change. I did 30 minutes at the Zone Day Care. Snore 2010. Looking forward to being back tomorrow!! Batgirl Out.

  8. LOL Michele I love you!! 🙂
    13:41 ( man rowing a 3 k was rough!!)

  9. 13:57 also got my first chest to bar pull ups.

  10. MP Jimmy says

    Give it up to Coby for getting his first RX PLU's, at age 60!!!!! Go you!

  11. Rhonda G says

    Congrats Coby!!! You Legend, You!!

  12. 14:35..thanks Amber for singing!

  13. Michel says

    Did this Saturday. Halfway to Troy.

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