Monday, 21 June 2010


Run 400m
15 Overhead Squats (95/65)

5 rounds for time

Post time to comments

Compare to 23 NOV 09


  1. 19.42 45#OHS.

    I cut my time by 2min since 02-Jun-10. Today I concentrated on the running/breathing cadence.

  2. Michel says

    45 LB OHS

    June 2 was 21:26 with 30 LB OHS.

  3. Patrice says

    20:24 with PVC; still working on form and recuperating from Friday!

  4. Hey Michel! Well done today. 15# increase in 3 weeks. WOW!

  5. 20:52 RX

  6. MP Jimmy says

    14:22 RX

    I think this is my new PR. My last PR, 13:58, was done at the old MPCF, with inside/flat run. I will aim to beat the 13:58 on the next one!

    Awesome job by all the Bootcampers! 100% got definitively fast, even with less modifications!!!

  7. Melanie said…

    28:40/22 lb

  8. Did Murph today , man I have a new appriciation for Jimmy and Robert doing his with a weighted vest!!! GEEZ!! ( posting my time on murph day 😉

  9. 21:49 rowing with 30 lb ohs. Worked on form

  10. 22:41 oh the heat. Did 45 lbs trying to get lower but I am still getting on my toes. Thank you Nancy for running with me. Good to see you Kevin.

  11. Robert says

    15:18 Rx

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