Saturday, 19 June 2010


1 rep max – Back Squat
1 rep max – Shoulder Press
1 rep max – Deadlift

Post max loads and total to comments

Compare to:
CFT – 15 OCT 09
BSQ – 23 FEB 10
SP – 14 JAN 10
DL – 17 DEC 09


Choose a sport:
Run, Row, Bike, Swim

12 minute Time Trial. Simply, cover as much distance as possible.
Post total distance to comments


  1. 550 Crossfit Total

  2. 540 crossfit total pr on all deadlift and back squat. can't rember, but I think it's a pr for shoulder press, too.

  3. Stacy says……
    did "300" today —> 27:03 thong

  4. MP Jimmy says

    I did weighted "Murph" for the first time!


    Holy cow! that WOD is rough! I do not know of any WOD that has taken me 50+ minutes. I do now! 🙂

    Happy Father's day to all dads! And in case I forgot, Happy Mother's day to all moms! 😉

  5. 200 burpees. Only 199 to go to catch up through tomorrow. Great job on the PR's!

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