Thursday, 17 June 2010

Rest Day


  1. This seems to be the only pose of Melanie that we can capture. Hahahaha. We love you Melanie and enjoy the "fetal position" album.

  2. Michel says

    Love this WOD. Awesome stuff
    294 LB
    135 DL – 45 LB PR
    72 SP – 2 LB PR
    87 BS – 42 LB PR

    Needed MIagra (patent pending) on the SP at 70. Susan was immortal and can clearly save the world with a stick of gum and a weight bar while taking out Jillian Whatshername with her pinky at the same time. I bow. 0630 chicks were bringing it.

  3. Robert says

    640 lbs–I am quite sure a PR.

    125 lbs SP
    300 lbs DL PR
    215 lbs BS PR

    300 lbs DL was one of my goals on my sheet–the first one I attained!

  4. Great job today everyone!!!
    Roberto a pr rockstar!
    Susan I ditto michele you are ironwoman!
    Miss patty you did great! You picked it up like it was a PVC!! Congrats!!

    And Michele u could give the " muscle beach boys" back home in Cali a run for their $$ 😉 awsome job guys!!

  5. 401# My CF total increased by 30#. PR DL today by 12# but my other numbers decreased. so it goes…

    FYI-quads seem to be healed. no pain/discomfort.

  6. 200 burpees. Only 159 more to make up…….except for yesterday's and today's. Okay, only 252 to make up…..except for tomorrow's. Ugh. Oh well, glad to be back!

    Congratulations Robert on the 300 lb deadlift! That's awesome! Strong work today everybody.

  7. 334#…Never have done max deadlifts or back squats…

    67# shoulder press (PR)
    107# front squat (PR)
    162# deadlift (PR)

  8. Melanie said…

    Did CFE row: Row 350 meters, rest five minutes, for four rounds

    5:51 total time

  9. Patrice says

    135# DL
    57# SP
    87# SQ

  10. Stacy says…..the virus is back!! 80 bucks down the toilet for repair!
    215# BS
    95# SP
    280# DL
    Total = 590

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