Wednesday, 16 June 2010

“Deck of Cards”

Spades = Box Jumps (20″)
Clubs = Burpees
Hearts = Squats (x2)
Diamonds = Sit-ups (unanchored)(x2)
Jokers = Run 800m

-Numbered cards are face value. K, Q, J are worth 10. A’s are 11. Red suits, Hearts and Diamonds, are double value.

-When done with a group, a new card is turned over when the last person finishes the current card. So, the faster you go, the more rest you get. The slower you go, the more rest your group members get! 🙂


  1. Rhonda G says

    Oh My Gosh!! I don't think we've done this one since boot camp!! I'm so sad I won't be there tomorrow morning. ;-(

  2. CHauger says

    Danny is a Stud. He comes back to… THIS. We would have been so much slower if we had anyone else in the back. Amazing Job Danny!
    This might be my favorite workout I have done! 🙂

  3. Due to time constraints, I did helen today 15:29.

  4. Michel says

    LOVE THIS WOD! A new favorite and 0630 was smokin' hot today. Rhonda, Patrice, Patty and Richard were missed big time and looking forward to this again. Angie is Bootcamp hall of Famer.

    Danny -WELCOME BACK!!!

    That's Black Jack and Deck of Cards lately…what's next?
    I always need a new pair shoes.

  5. Sounds fun…too bad I can't make it today!

  6. Melanie said…

    Great job ladies' team!!!

  7. Vernice says

    Great job 6:30.. 63:47
    Jimmy, I don't remember the black suites being X2. Is that how we did it in Boot Camp?
    Angie, you are doing awesome.
    Can't wait for Friday evening. We have such a great group of QUALITY peeps.

  8. Found this wod a while back on Crossfit Flatirons Boulder
    150 wall balls 20/12 and every time u drop ball u have to do 10 kbs 55/35
    I did 16:54 ended up doing 80 kbs!!!! I was so ticked dropped the ball on my second rep!!! Lol it's weird doing " beam ball "
    Great job today everyone!! Deck of cards is rough! Thanks robert for bringing the deck! I swear with all the random things u bring You are Crossfit McGyver!
    Danny you earned the medal of honor! You and Angie were rockstars today!!

  9. 48:30 That was rough for sure! Steve you were on fire! I wanted some of that REST! Good to see Amber and guys have been MIA:(

  10. Is there a 5:30 class friday???

  11. Bikram Crossfit – AKA 5:30 p.m. – 48:30 rx – Steve is a maniac. I have been working late so hopefully next week will back on track.

  12. Robert says

    42:10 Rx what a great job from Danny, Chris and Fred.

    If anyone needs anything let me know and I will look in my gym bag.

  13. Angela says

    Thanks, everyone for the great encouraging comments! I LOVE CF and I think it loves me too; I am already seeing/feeling huge differences…I'd like to welcome back my size 10's! YAY!

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