Wednesday, 09 June 2010


20 Push-ups (PU)/1 Sit-up (SU)(unanchored)
19 PU/2 SU
18 PU/3 SU
17 PU/4 SU
…and so on, until you reach
1 PU/20 SU

For Time

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Compare to 18 MAR 10


  1. MP Jimmy says

    Sorry I will not be there in am. My daughters have dentist/orthodontist appointments in Springdale tomorrow morning. Yes, we go to Springdale b/c the visits are free due to family ties! Very nice!!

    Good luck! Coach Erin will crack the whip tomorrow!! 🙂

  2. 24ish with lots of whining

    some Rx PU mostly not.
    abmat BF SU.

    I must have been obsessed in March when I did this WOD Rx. What was I thinking???

  3. Robert says

    PR 13:54 Rx ABMAT BF–great job to all this am. Fred, you lit a fire under me this morning. Thanks Erin for the coaching.

  4. Michel says

    Winner winner Chicken Dinner…first time doing Blackjack.
    Knee Push Ups

    RX may be awhile with the PU and requisite range of motion — but I am stoked about progress!

  5. Melanie said…

    16:30/abmat/knee pu
    Great coaching today, Erin!

  6. 35:25 RX !!!

    Beat my last time by 8-1/2 minutes

  7. 22:08 First 20 RX pushups, after that it was all knees. First time for blackjack…my arms are toast!

  8. 27:04 rx

  9. Rhonda G says

    Way to go COBY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. pl9516 says

    Coby you rock!!! Great job this morning.

  11. Stacy says……..
    I have a stupid virus on my computer so I have to use Amber's computer.
    16:31 rx that is almost a 3 minute PR. I decided to push myself this time instead of taking so many rests on the PU's. I guess it worked!

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