Monday, 07 June 2010


75 Power Snatches (75/50)

For Time

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Compare to 18 JAN 10


  1. Michel says

    First time doing this WOD. My stomp the mat was more like twist and shout, but I am on it.
    32 lbs.

    Susan, your are headed for the Board. Well done!

  2. Robert says

    8:02 Rx

  3. 14:01~ just like tweedle-dum ~ (22 lbs)

  4. 6:07 rx – I think the stink eye from Jaime helped…. heheheh .. Love you girl.

  5. Rhonda G says

    I feel strangely out of the loop from the stinky-eyed tweedle-dum..but… the board I understand!!!! Great job everyone!

  6. MP Jimmy says

    3:38 RX PR!!

    I was not expecting this time. I was falling trees, two hours immediately prior to the WOD.

    It was great to watch Jaime, Erin, Stacy, and Amber "duke it out" over the top spot! Strong work ladies!

  7. Melanie said…

    7:32/35 lbs. Welcome back, Jim. We are all glad to see you! Great job on the pull up bars, Jimmy! Thanks!

  8. I was first on the board for a brief time… Amber and Stacy blew that out of the water! Good work ladies.

  9. 8:08 rx ( lol I was # 2 on the board for 5 min till amber and Stacy showed up 😉 Jaimie thanks for pushing me 🙂 you three ladies are womanimals!!

  10. Stacy J says

    5:36 RX

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