Thursday, 03 June 2010

Rest Day


  1. Melanie said….

    9:58/singles/abmat anchored sit ups
    Today was a lot of fun! Great job boot campers!!!!

  2. CHauger says

    6:53 Rx
    PR by 3 minutes and first time to get on the board!

  3. Michel says

    Chris that is AWESOME!!! Congrats!!

    And that is a PR for me. Goal was 11 minutes so I will take that. Vernice, welcome back! So great to have you WOD'n today. Hurray!

  4. Way to go Chris and Michel on your PR's! Welcome back Vernice! I can't wait to get back in 12 days! Hopefully, I can start running before that.

  5. Vernice says

    SWEET to be back.
    Jimmy served me a special dish today:
    10 PLU
    10 SU
    10 PU
    AMRAP in 15 min.
    I did 8
    Thank you all for the support during my time off.
    Danny, what is going on w/u? Hope you will be back in full force soon.

  6. 13:36 w/singles

    Congrats to Chris and Michel! Keep up the good work!
    Glad to have Rhonda and Lou back — nice job you two!

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