Friday, 21 May 2010

Complete AMRAP in 30 min:

15 Push-ups
15 Sit-ups (unanchored)
15 Squats
Run 200m

Post number of completed rounds to comments


  1. Doc Haas says

    w00t! Go Erin! Smash that tire!

    7 rds…went to my knees on rd 4. Upper body strength is killing me on these! Oh, and cardio too.

    Good work this morning guys and gals! It was crowded at the 5:30 but really fun to have so many people. With Chris there in addition to the already moto morning crew there is way too much energy and motivation in the AM while I'm still trying to coordinate my shuffle in. Keep it up you crazies!

  2. 9 rounds plus 15 squats. Way to go everyone – the positive energy is pushing everyone.

  3. Michel says

    Fanflippintastic workout! I needed this after a day of hedonism.
    Great to see everyone and MP so hopping.

    9 Full Rounds +
    15 PU KNEE
    15 ABBF SU
    15 SQT
    100 M

    Stacy and Amber, I will expect to see the building moved about 2 feet and the tires hanging from the flag pole. You girls smoked it yesterday!

  4. 7 rounds plus 15 push-ups
    RX! I don't get to put "RX" down too often.
    Debbie did 7 plus everything but the run in on round 8

  5. 13 RDS RX, just barely. Never would have made it without the positive mojo and Jimmy's "motivational" sayings. Great job everybody!

  6. Robert says

    13 Rounds–clearly looking at the backside of Chris most of the time. Great workout and great job to all.

    Great programming Jimmy–tomorrow…muscle up practice…MUST…GET…MUSCLE….UP (like Danny)

  7. Melanie said…

    9 rounds plus 15 pu and 15 su/knee pu/abbf su

    This was fun. Great job everyone!!!! 🙂

  8. 4 rounds + 15 SU +15 SQT + 200 m/ walk = 4 4/5 rounds (almost 5!) Great to have Erin coaching the 0830s today! Gina nice job!

  9. Rhonda G says

    10 rounds MOD + 25 sit ups
    25 sit ups
    25 squats
    200 meter run

    Fun stuff !!

    Welcome Angie to the 6:30 am bunch.

  10. 13 rounds knee pushups.

  11. 10 rounds + 15 PU, 15 SU

    2 rds Rx PU then knee PU
    Abmat BF SU

  12. 8 rounds rx w/bf abmat su

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