Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Snatch – 3 rep max

Post max load to comments


Choose a sport:
Run, Row, Bike, Swim

4 rounds of 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off
4 rounds of 20 seconds on, 40 seconds off

Post total distance to comments


  1. Melanie said…

    30 lbs/ worked on form. Erin, thanks so much for helping all of us and videotaping us!!! 🙂

  2. Michel says

    I need WORK on this. I get to the shrug and hit a wall. Jimmy, thank you for the tape…helped a lot. I am determined.

  3. MP Jimmy says


    155 x2, U-G-L-Y, I could have gotten a 3rd, but I do not deserve to say I am a success at that weight. So, I decided to drop weight and work form.

    Proper Snatches are definately form dependent!

  4. 85 lbs.

  5. I got up to 75 lb, then went down to 65 to work on form. Then, I went home and crashed. (I am embarassed to say how long)Not a normal habit for me, but I was still tired from yesterday. Maybe now I can do the CFE WOD.

  6. Only stuck with 57 and worked on form
    Jaimie I did the SAME thing when I got home 😉

  7. Robert says

    115 lbs–now I know how much I can snatch. That was fun.

  8. 125 lbs "snatch." It did end up over my head without stopping, but that's where the similarities ended. Went down to a lighter weight to work on form, but even then I still had bad form.

    Did CFE this afternoon including:

    4 runs of 40 seconds on, 20 off;
    4 runs of 20 seconds on, 40 off;
    4 runs of 20 seconds on, 10 off;
    4 runs of 10 seconds on, 20 off.

    Total distance: 1.01 miles.

  9. 40# worked ALOT on form…still a work in progress! I still feel beat up from yesterday…

  10. Doc Haas says

    85 lbs of unprettyness (it took four with the first attempt a failure). Worked on form at a lower wgt and I think I have it but I can't seem to produce the speed to go along with. Power's a complicated thing to achieve apparently. Maybe a lighter wgt is in order or maybe just angrier music. Is anybody out there just awesome at these? Suggestions?

  11. did the cfe workout. That was hard but fun. Kids worked hard tonight, too.

  12. Stacy J says

    85 lbs. I have a few things to improve on regarding my form. The snatch is a complicated lift. Good job Ginny. Thanks Jimmy for helping with my form.

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