Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Another WOD conquered, and Mel is D-U-N!

“Dirty Quarters”

25 Box Jumps (24/20)
25 Pull-ups
25 Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1)
25 Knees to Elbows
25 Overhead Weighted Walking Lunges (45/25)
25 Push Press (65/45)
25 Back Extensions
25 Wall-Ball Shots (20/12)

2 Rounds For Time

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  1. Bring it on!!

  2. Looks like Robert had a say so in this . Why ???? The overhead weighted walking lunges
    PS Danny and Robert: Rush is coming to BOK I predict a man-date 🙂

  3. PPS bring the PVC pipes they would be awesome guitars!

  4. Stacy J says

    I thought this was supposed to be a chipper?

  5. Because I'm so slow and out of shape, I only managed one round before I had to leave. For some reason, about halfway through the first round, Jimmy put down his stopwatch and got out a calendar to time my one and only round.

  6. Melanie said…

    36:45/17" box jumps/skinny band for plu/25 lb kb

    Great job everyone!!!!! Vernice, I am praying for your knee to heal quickly and completely. I am so sorry you hurt your knee!!!

  7. 29:17 uh oh!! just realized it's 25 each leg overhead lunges! that totally stinks. My time doesn't matter now.

  8. 19:46! One round! Thanks Jimmy for the WoD MoDs!

    50 step-ups (a mere 12")
    25 push-ups
    25 Russian kettlebell swings (10 lb)
    75 sit-ups
    25 walking lunges
    25 push press (s.l.o.w. w/PVC)
    25 back extensions
    25 wall-ball shots (8 lb)

  9. Robert says

    Ok…yes…I have been looking forward to weighted walking lunges. They were a lot of fun. So I apologize for today…sort of…

    Rx 27:20

  10. 28:37 RX. Overhead, weighted lunges almost crippled me, literally. Thank you, Robert:) What's next, a burpee into a pull-up into K2E? Oh wait, already did that. WOD was much harder than it looked on paper…..Let's do it again.

  11. MP Jimmy says

    24:22 RX
    Felt AWESOME to know I was done with each exercise on rd 2!

    Yes this initially was going to be a 'chipper'; but, when I woke up, I took my crazy meds! 🙂

    The each leg comment was from the original post of a 'chipper', not the 2 rnd you did. I took my crazy meds, not my attention to detail meds! 🙂

    You never know whats coming next! I rarely do!! YIKES!:) Hmmmmmm, let me think. 🙂

    Everyone did awesome today!

  12. Robert says

    …oh who am I kidding I am not sorry….

  13. Yay!! you know that I don't have to take any meds to miss details. So my 29:17 rx now counts again.

  14. 50:28 with all my modifications. Just glad to be able to walk afterward. Debbie did 35:36

  15. 35:57

    20" box
    1.5 PLU
    sit-ups for K2E
    35# KBS
    45# PP
    25# walking lunges
    12# WB shots

    It's after 5pm therefore 12 ounce curls.

  16. Stacy J says

    33:21 rx except the thong pull ups….Holy cannoli that was a good WOD

  17. 38:44? rx with 10 foot wall balls. I was one huge sweat ball. Thanks Jimmy for all your help and positive reinforcement . =)

  18. Ugh speaking of crazy meds I'm so ready to get off mine ( well it's actually just robitussen 😉 and get my sick butt outta bed and at least do the damn warm up!!! Looks like u guys are killin it! Great job 🙂

  19. Vernice says

    Kudos to all who even finished this work out!!! You are all really troopers.
    Thank you all for the healing prayers, I have to say they are working. My pain level has decreased by about 70% to 80% from where I was on Monday evening. I know that only prayers could have healed me this quickly.

  20. 39:53…Holy smokes..I thought I just might need someone to pick me up off the floor. That was tough..

    RX except pullups..1 1/2 inch band

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