Saturday, 08 May 2010


500m Row
40 Squats
30 Sit-ups
20 Push-ups
10 Pull-ups

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(3+ hours after main WOD)

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40:20 x 5
(40 seconds of work:20 seconds of rest, all-out efforts)


  1. 5:29 rx abmatbf ( 30 secs slower but I have a nasty rip and did pull ups from my hanging from fingers :-p ) great job today Michele , Jaimie (on benedryl 😉 and Anne your an ironwoman!!

  2. Michel says

    Great morning with Erin, Jaime…and ANNE!! Awesome job and welcome back! MOD today as have some misbehaving hip receptor or whatever that thing is called. Me, Imagine. And 8 burpees.

    Run 400
    40 SU Abmat Unachored
    20 PU – Knee
    20 PLU 1 1/2" band

  3. 10:01 (28 seconds faster than Wed w/same mods!!) Thanks for all the encouragement Erin, Jaime and Michel!

  4. Vernice says


  5. Susan says

    Oh no!! I forgot the burpees. I'll do them now.

  6. Vernice says

    Just did my 9 burpees!

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