Friday, 07 May 2010

Running “Josh”

21 Overhead Squats (95/65)
42 Pull-ups
Run 400m
15 Overhead Squats
30 Pull-ups
Run 400m
9 Overhead Squats
18 Pull-ups
Run 400m

For Time

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Compare to 11 NOV 09


  1. Danny says

    Melanie said…

    24:12/22 lb ohs/skinny band for plu. Thanks, Jimmy, for helping me so much with my ohs. Great job everyone!!!! Have a great weekend!!!

  2. Michel says

    1 1/2" PLU
    22 lb OHS
    Jimmy, really appreciate the OHS form work!!! Kipping is on fire. I love MPCF! Have a great weekend everyone!!
    OH, yeah, and the 7 burpees – done.

  3. 18:40 rx got a nasty rip!!! Owowow!!! Jimmy I vote no on doing this bckwards you sicko

  4. 20:59 XM (run/walk; PU; SQTs) Thanks Jimmy!

  5. Jaime says

    21:36 rx gotta speed up those pullups. Hopefully I can get rid of the double foot karate kick that I'm currently using in place of kipping.

  6. MP Jimmy says

    12:44 RX

    Jaime, I love your "karate kick" comment! Strong work today everyone. It was good to see Richard back.

    (8 on Saturday and 9 on Sunday)
    If you forget, you will have 27 on Monday! 🙂

  7. Robert says

    14:04 Rx

  8. patricelott says

    18:36 or something like that
    use PVC for OHS to get my form down
    2" band
    Have a good weekend, everyone!

  9. Danny says

    16:58 RX. PR by 57 seconds. Plus 7 burpees. Great job everybody!

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